Specialised consultancy
  for the solution of eczema and immunity.


                   We will find the cause of your problems, if we find it and remove it, eczema, allergies, inflammation or immunity will disappear or significantly improve. 

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For solving problems with eczema, allergies I use the alternative method Joalis, founded by MUDr. J.Jonáš

How this method completely cured my unpleasant eczema, I write  HERE:

This method is suitable for those for whom conventional medicine has not yet offered an effective solution without lifelong medication.  More about the method HERE:

 It is not entirely suitable for quick or immediate relief - a few hours, days. The road to permanent improvement can take several months. Success depends on the therapist, but also on the client - his psyche and the environment where and how he lives.  



Do you think that only drugs with an active ingredient can cure? What if it's different?