Atopic eczema 
The reasons for triggering are always different for everyone. It can be allergies to certain foods, contact allergies, the effect of vaccinations, dog hair, dust, etc.
The main frequent cause of the disease is increased permeability of the intestinal wall, which is irritated by the allergen and this is further spread into the body.
The skin performs an excretory function, thus trying to rid the body of these unwanted substances.  
In atopic eczema, we usually need to start with cleansing the lymphatic system and kidneys, then we need to focus on the lungs, skin, foreign proteins and emotions. It is individual for each person.
For babies with atopic excema, we have special approved safe oils to rub all over their bodies with an informational component on possible solutions.


Eczema - dermatitis   

Eczema is the body's way of telling us that something is wrong. It is not a skin disease as such, but it is a problem of improper function of the liver or spleen, lungs or intestines, etc. One of the organs is attacked by microorganisms or chemicals and it shows us this by, for example, unpleasant eczema. There can also be the influence of allergies, i.e. improper function of the immune system, or even a combination of everything.

If the weakened organ can be found and brought back to health, the eczema may disappear completely or become significantly weaker. Here again it depends on the client's cooperation, his life, his environment, his diet and also on the skill of the therapist. Sometimes it is a long run. The younger the person is, the shorter the recovery time, sometimes on the order of weeks.  

This method may be suitable for : psoriasis (SLE), seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis (psoriasis), ichthyosis, dermatomycosis, photodermatosis, miliaria, pityriasis rosea ( Pityriasis Rosea), etc.

In most cases, eczema is the first manifestation of an allergic disposition, appearing in the first months of life. The trigger is food allergens, mainly cow's milk and egg white.
    We consider allergy to be one of the immune disorders, of which there are, of course, several. We can also talk about atopy - we know this term in connection with eczema, we can talk about an autoimmune disorder. There are a number of immune disorders, all of which have the same nature, but they differ in many ways.
    From the point of view of natural medicine, the explanation may be quite simple. A certain centre in our brain, which decides on the so-called hysterical reaction to an allergen, is not working properly.
    The so-called gut symbiosis, or a suitable environment in the digestive tract, is very important for immunity. In intestinal dysmicrobia, the function of this system is disturbed and the whole process is severely impaired.
    If we want our immunity to work optimally, we must first of all clean up the immune centres and we must restore the harmony of the disturbed intestinal environment and strengthen the weakened organs (liver, lungs, spleen, kidneys, etc. ).   

Immune and autoimmune disorders
Immunity impairment is behind almost every disease, except perhaps congenital genetic defects. One of the disorders is its weakened, reduced immunity, professionally called immunosuppression. It is characterized by repeated infections and infections, most often manifested in the respiratory tract, sinuses or middle ear.
    However, skin manifestations, purulent deposits, inflamed pimples or inflammation in the urogenital tract are also common. The affected person may also suffer from recurrent diarrhoea and nausea caused by an infestation of the digestive tract. He or she suffers more from so-called intestinal influenza and has sensitive digestion.
    In order to work effectively, the immune system needs sufficient building material - proteins, vitamins, minerals - and its centres (brain, spleen, lungs, liver, intestine and kidneys) to be in good condition.
    The bone marrow, spleen and lymphatic system also need to be addressed. It is definitely a good idea to check the condition of the liver, spleen, lungs and intestines.  
    One must not forget to detoxify the brain, the control center of the entire immunity. This can significantly strengthen the immunity and improve its function.
    Patience is needed, as the path to functional immunity may take several months. Again, this depends on the physical and mental state of the client.
 This method may be suitable for e.g.: lupus (SLE), bronchial asthma, psoriasis (psoriasis), food intolerance, chronic rhinitis Celiac disease, MS, post-covida syndrome, etc.